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Forex Trading Essentials

To start off with Forex trading one needs to acquire a set of certain skills that would enable him or her to judge the market in a better way thus enabling the person to acquire the most amount of profit in the least amount of time. So what are these essential skills or what we refer to them as essentials. The first and the foremost thing about FX Trading that everyone must know and learn, and I am saying learn because FX depends upon it, is that FX is no child’s play and you should memorize this fact otherwise…

Risk Aversion Takes a Break

Risk aversion seems to be taking a short rest as investors seek Forex opportunities offered by high yielding currencies. The US dollar fell on Friday as news of talks between the US government and Citigroup about funds needed to recapitalize raised expectations on Wall Street and opened the door to increased Forex investment opportunities. Clinton’s China Visit ‘Reassuring’ Investors are reacting positively to the attention the Obama administration is giving to the troubled US financial sector.

Dollar Expected to Gain on Safe Haven Buying

Dollar Benefits From Safe Haven Status Despite the dismal economic news from the US the dollar is expected to gain this week and continue to provide safe haven and forex opportunity for investors. The Non Farm Payroll report is due this week and is expected to show a 7.9% unemployment rate, the worst since 1949.

Euro Declines Vs Dollar

Euro Falls Against Dollar and Yen The already troubled Euro fell further against the US dollar and the Japanese Yen as investors predicted the European Central Bank would cut rates in an attempt to salvage the dismal European economy. For months the Euro has provided little or no Forex opportunity to investors.

How to Choose the Best Forex Broker

Before you start trading in the foreign exchange market you need a forex broker. What exactly is a forex broker?

G-20 Will Affect Forex Opportunity

The G-20 summit scheduled for April will undoubtedly affect global markets and forex opportunity for investors. European Commission chief Jose Manuel Barroso said that Europe will speak as one entity at the upcoming conference despite disagreements between some countries. European leaders will meet in Brussels this week to try to reach a consensus before the April meeting.

FAP Turbo Forex Robot – Can it REALLY Do That?

The FAP Turbo Robot has been on the market for awhile now. Even before the new NFTA regs went into effect. Usually, a good determination of whether a product is really any good is it’s staying power. I mean, aren’t they still selling the George Foreman grill?

Trading Forex Markets Online

This article provides an introduction to what is involved in trading the forex markets online. It covers the basics of what you need to do before trading online for the first time.

Dollar Declines Against the Euro

The US dollar fell against the Euro on Friday as data showed US job losses were not as bad as predicted. Investors took advantage of the Forex investment opportunities as many investors dumped safe haven trades in favor of higher yielding currencies.

CitiGroup News Spurs Risk Appetite

CitiGroup reports profits in January and February. The announcement by Citigroup’s CEO that the bank was profitable in the first two months of 2009 caused a rise in share prices and signaled a return to risk appetite in Forex markets. Investors were quick to take advantage of new Forex opportunities.

Rising Risk Sentiment – Forex Opportunity

Both the Dollar and the Euro rose against the Yen as rising risk sentiment among investors provided forex opportunities in currency exchanges.  An unexpected rise in US housing starts and news that the Bank of Japan may buy subordinated loans put pressure on the Yen. Many engaged in forex trading voiced fears that the move by the central bank could flood markets with Yen.

Forex MegaDroid Robot Discount – Is MegaDroid Available at Such a Low Price

What would be the price of an innovative technologically superior forex trading tool that claims to quadruple your investment? The developers of the Forex MegaDroid, John Grace and Albert Perrie are offering their product at a one-time price of $97. Yes, and they claim that with the advanced technology of artificial intelligence the software can predict what is going to be the direction of the market in the short term period of three to four hours time.

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