Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Which One Is Better? A Powerful Clash Of The Titans In 2021?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum – Which One Is Better?

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

Bitcoin vs Ethereum, which one should you buy and invest in?

Regardless if you like passive income, dividends, the stock market, this is something you should know about before investing your money.

First, let’s see how Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar.

They’re both considered cryptocurrencies, both are investments people like to speculate on by buying and selling on brokerages like Gemini and Coinbase, both were born using blockchain technology, and both of them are what’s considered decentralized mediums of exchange.

But in a lot of ways, they’re very different.

Let me separate the fact from fiction and let’s begin with the one that everyone seems to be talking about right now, the one that is skyrocketing in price – Bitcoin.

To understand the importance that Bitcoin is about to have in the near future, we have to travel back to the past – to 1964. A Russian Physicist by the name of Nikolai Kardashev, came up with a scale for measuring the output of a planet’s energy. His creation is then used as a scale model for finding civilizations outside of Earth.

He described 3 main civilization types:

Type 1: an interplanetary civilization capable of harnessing the sun’s energy, and controlling the weather of the planet.

Type 2: A stellar civilization that has full control over the sun’s energy output via something called a Dyson Sphere. A type 2 is immortal because this species can colonize other planets.

Type 3: Galactic. This is a civilization that can travel to galaxies and harness the energy of the black hole.

On this scale, we are type 0. Technically we’re .7 but we’re moving toward becoming a type 1.

For example, the planetary language is English, which is a type 1 language. Type 1 communications are the internet and the smartphone. A type 1 culture is also very similar to what we see globally inspired by Hollywood and social media.

The next step is a type 1 money system, and that’s where crypto comes in. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum want to achieve different results.

Bitcoin wants to be the store of value which means it’s competing with gold. The market cap of gold is around $10 trillion. If we take the market cap of Bitcoin (roughly $700 billion) and divide the two, we get a factor of roughly 14. Take that and multiply 14 by the current price and we get a per coin value ($39,000) of roughly $557,000. That will happen this decade.

However, inflation will also increase the price of other assets like stocks and real estate as well.

Ethereum on the other hand wants to be what economists call M1 money, the global physical currency in circulation (coins & notes). The market cap of M1 is much larger than gold’s, however, because Ethereum does not have a fixed supply like Bitcoin, its price per coin will most likely not exceed Bitcoin’s. However, the market cap can and most likely will.

Ethereum will disrupt many industries in the near future with its smart contracts by creating DAOs, decentralized autonomous organizations.

Imagine companies that can exist without any kind of management. Think of buying a house right now. You have to go through a bank, you have to find a real estate agent that has to show you houses, who then speaks to the seller’s agent, who then speaks to the buyer and negotiates the final price and then there’s middleman companies like escrow and so and so forth.

That is insanely complicated over something that could be literally as simple as creating a listing on a decentralized website that is locked to an Ethereum based smart contract. This is just the beginning. The price of Ethereum can possibly go beyond $10,000 by 2025.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are trying to accomplish different goals. They are both very powerful and integral to our future economy.

  • Disclaimer: None of these is meant to be construed as investment advice, it’s for entertainment purposes only. The video is accurate as of the posting date but may not be accurate in the future.



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