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0:00 – Introduction (WATCH WHOLE VIDEO)

0:39 – Cardano (ADA) Hits $2 Its Highest Value of All Time (Yahoo Finance)

1:51 – Elon Musk: Tesla Has Stopped Accepting Bitcoin Due to Environmental Impact

2:41 – Elon Musk Conspiracy

3:20 – Debunking Energy Fud

3:38 – Elon is a troll

3:55 – (sponsor)

4:47 – Coordinated FUD! They are trying to scare you away!


5:56 – BREAKING: Binance is under investigation by the Justice Department and IRS

6:38 – Will this bull cycle continue? (My thoughts)

7:29 – Shocking TETHER News

8:12 – Samsung makes BIG PLAY into crypto

8:56 – 103-Year-Old Investment Bank Jumps Into Crypto Custody for Institutions


10:03 – Facebook plans for a U.S. stablecoin

10:23 – Final Thoughts



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What Are Altcoins and Should You Invest In Them?

As the name suggests, Altcoins are “Alternative Coins” – basically alternative options to Bitcoin, and they might be much more speculative investments.

These coins were developed after Bitcoin and regularly introduce themselves as better options in contrast to the leading cryptographic money. Altcoins make up almost 40% of the overall Cryptocurrency market, as reported by CoinMarketCap.

“With more than 6,000 altcoins out there, it is no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of them won’t ever have the option to emerge into anything practical or give considerable returns in the long haul,” says Ben Weiss, COO of CoinFlip. “Obviously, there are many promising altcoins out there that are helpful for the facilitation with new and energizing advances in blockchain innovation like Ether and Chainlink, the two of which endeavor to overcome any barrier between blockchain tech and practical real-life applications.”

All things considered, altcoins are tremendously unsafe speculations. Without adequate due diligence, you are more likely to suffer losses than to enjoy gains with your cryptocurrency investment.

Before you consider risking your reserve funds by channeling them into altcoins, ensure you comprehend the dangers and realize exactly the thing you’re getting into.

Would it be a good idea to Invest In Altcoins?

Cryptographic forms of money have a specific appeal as a form of investment.

“Altcoins offer the alluring chance that they have a lot of potential gains,” Weiss says. “Then again, they additionally have a lot higher danger of losses.”

He cites Dogecoin for instance. The digital rocketed in its price in late January 2021 apparently for reasons unknown other than many individuals began purchasing it, causing the altcoin to become crazily famous. Such speculations can become a trap as soon as they jump into it.

“There is a truism that time in the market beats timing the market, which means timing speculations is troublesome,” he says. It’s smarter to put resources into something you have confidence in for the long term than jump onto a bandwagon that has abruptly accelerated. After all, you would suffer great losses when a slowdown or even a reverse unavoidably occurs.

“In the event that you are putting resources into altcoins for the long stretch, you should genuinely have confidence in what you pick as a wise venture,” Weiss says. “Else, it’s nothing more than just a game of chance.”

How to know if an altcoin is a good choice?

The straightforward answer, as per Ryan George, is you can’t. The head marketing officer at Docupace, a tech company that offers a consolidated workflow and document management automation solution for financial services industry, says to be careful about any individual who attempts to offer you any affirmative answer.

“In any case, the equivalent goes for essentially all traditional forms of investments,” George adds. “The critical contrast with altcoins is what safeguards are available.”

At the point when you put resources into security offered on a controlled exchange like the NYSE and Nasdaq, you have many assurances that have been developed and worked for more than 100 years, like for instance the SIPC protection.

While some Initial Coin Offerings are securities that fall under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s purview, many are definitely not. In addition, even those that do fall under SEC jurisdiction can in any case present huge danger of misrepresentation.

“There are numerous major players in the altcoin space, and it’s very difficult to be certain about what is legitiamte and what’s fraudulent,” he says. “‘Unregulated’ is simply one manner of saying it’s not for the regular individual investors.”

Much of the time, you may not know where precisely your cash is going when you put resources into an altcoin or who is on the opposite side of the trade. You need just do a fast Google look for “SEC and digital currency” to see the nonstop stream of allegations of misrepresentation or Ponzi plans being presented.

“Your contributed assets may rapidly travel abroad without your insight,” SEC Chairman Jay Clayton wrote in a 2017 proclamation on digital forms of money and Initial Coin Offerings. “Accordingly, dangers can be amplified, including the danger that market controllers, like the SEC, will be unable to successfully seek after troublemakers or recover assets.”

These dangers can’t be disregarded by any financial backer. The truth of the matter is nobody can truly be a specialist at putting resources into altcoins, as the cryptos are too new and various forms continually arise.

You ought to just put resources into an altcoin that you comprehend and have confidence in totally, Weiss says. “Any investor hoping to purchase altcoins should do their due diligence and investigating who is behind the coin and its offer.”

With proper study and due diligence, Weiss trusts it’s plausible to discover an altcoin that could be an advantageous venture.

“An advantageous altcoin to put resources into ought to offer a value that you accept is special to that specific token,” he says. “In case you’re searching for a more secure venture yet wish to still engage with altcoins, then start with the best five or 10 coins by market capitalization, such as Ethereum or Litecoin.”

Be cautious with coins that have lesser market capitalizations, he says. While a few coins are discovering better approaches to utilize blockchain innovation, their little capitalization makes a large number of them defenseless against market manipulations and malicious hacks.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Investing In Altcoins?

Clayton has shared a few inquiries on the site that investors ought to ask prior to putting resources into altcoins. For example:

Who is offering and supporting the altcoin? What is their experience, and how are they benefitting from the transaction?

Where is your cash going and what will it be utilized for?

How and when would you be able to sell your holding? What will it cost to sell it?

What explicit rights would you say you are qualified for with this venture?

Are there budget reports accessible?

Furthermore, would they say they are being inspected? Provided that this is true, by whom?

What lawful protection might be accessible in case of extortion, a hack, or malware?

Who is liable for returning your cash if something turns out badly? Will there be satisfactory assets to reimburse you if your privileges are abused?


In the event that you do put resources into altcoins, make sure to just put away cash you are able to lose. Nothing is assured in investing, in particular with unregulated and new ventures like digital currencies.

“Putting resources into different altcoins is like making a choice for which innovations you hope to see progress,” Weiss says.

George concurs that putting resources into altcoins is much the same as putting your cash where your convictions about the future are placed. “What’s more, the hard truth about convictions is that they are only that: convictions,” he says. “Millennia of money fluctuations should be a clear warning to every one of us that we have no clue about how this will pan out”.


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