CARDANO PUMP & DUMP EXPOSED (Whale Manipulation)!!? Crypto Investors DO NOT BE FOOLED!

Beware of Affinity Fraud in the Forex Markets

Affinity fraud is on the rise in every market. Make sure that you know how to identify and avoid it.

Do Not Shy Away From FOREX Trading – Technical Analysis Will Be Done by the FAP Turbo

The FOREX market is simply the buying of one currency and selling of another currency. Being that this seems to be such an easy concept to grasp, many novice traders are showing an interest in becoming a FOREX trader. But, many still shy away from FOREX trading because it requires one to monitor the market constantly and using either technical or historical analysis to help you predict how the market will perform. It also requires a lot of research which can be a full time job in of its-self. If you are looking at making trading a supplemental income, be forewarned, it is not for the light of heart.

Proof Emotion Rules Most of Your FOREX Trading Decisions – Purchase the FAP Turbo and Double Profits

Thinking about becoming an online trader? It is a great way to make a second income but there are many form of online investing. The most common types of trading are: Option, Future, Currency, Stock, Future and FOREX trading (or) foreign exchange trading. Some traders will find success and make a profit, while others who might have been trading for the same period of time, fail. It is not all that mysterious why traders results vary so widely. The difference is really your mindset as a trader.

With FAP Turbo, Have a Good FOREX Plan and a Good System and End Your Losing Streak

There is a phrase in the trading world: “a trader who fails to plan, plans to fail”. The problem with plans is that even the best laid plans are still likely to fail in the trading world. If you are wondering why you should even bother to start or continue in the trading world with these kind of odds, don’t lose hope. There are really three types of traders: those without a plan, those with a failing plan and those with a good plan who succeed. So, how do you know if you have a good plan?

Discover the Best Forex Software and Start Trading

Ever since the forex opened up and began to lift restrictions on private traders, there has been a ‘boom’ of sorts in terms of forex software. Essentially, these are the pieces of software that act as trading stations, and they are what enable people like you and me to trade currencies and make tons of profit in the process.

Determining the Best Forex Strategy Available

At some point or other in every beginner trader’s journey, they inevitably ask themselves, “Am I using the best forex strategy possible?” Normally, this question tends to be brought up just after a strategy they were using ended up failing on them, or they suffered a loss.

FAP Turbo Robot – Let’s Review the Basics of FAP Turbo

FAP (short for “Forex Auto Pilot”) Turbo is an automated system. It’s a virtual robot that is programmed to run on the MetaTrade4 platform. Processing online market data, it can advise you about trading at the Forex. And because it’s automatic, you don’t need to input anything: all you have to do is let it run, and do the money-earning for you.

The Concept of Price Action Trading

Price action trading may be an alien concept to a lot of forex traders. If they haven’t heard of price action, then they probably think that it’s some impossible trading tactic to grasp. If you don’t know what it means, it’s basically a term used to describe trading without using indicators. This is something that a lot of traders just don’t feel comfortable doing.

What’s the Best Forex Trading Robot? None of Them

It does seem that just about every single forex trader out there is on the lookout for the “best” forex trading robot. I’ll give you a hint where you can find it. Just look in the mirror.

Forex Trading Help – The Difference Between the Haves and the Have Nots

There are a lot of forex traders who need forex trading help. That’s obvious. How else would you explain the HUGE discrepancy between the traders who make money and those who don’t? In case you are scoring at home, the course 95% to 5%. This means only 5 traders out of a hundred are making money. It really doesn’t have to be like this.

Trade In, Trade Out – Staying on Top of the Forex Market

The trade corporations have lived and thrived in the productions. Some succeed, while others fail horribly. There is a passion that trails along this forte, and in the beginning stages the drive seems to derive from an implanted thought of thinking that you only have one day to live so you must prevail.

Forex Bling – The Best Forex Software For 2010

A diamond in the rough. Out of the piles of useless, hyped up, garbage Forex Robots, there is a single shining light. And that is Forex Bling. A true fund managers private tools, released to the public for a limited time.

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