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Why Every Forex Trader Should Know About Rollover Orders

One aspect of forex trading that can sometimes confuse new traders is that of rollover orders, and it is important to fully understand this concept if you are going to be holding open positions for longer than one day at a time. Typically most forex brokers will process their rollovers on any open positions at 5PM New York time, which will effectively be rolled over to the next trading day.

Inflation and Interest Rates For Forex Traders

Understanding the relationship between inflation and interest rates for a particular currency can help you decide whether or not that currency is growing stronger or weaker, and whether you should be buying or selling that currency. Inflation tends to be a constant factor in today’s monetary system, and typically inflation is an indication of economic strength and an expanding economy.

Forex Trading Income – What’s Realistic?

You may be just starting out, trading the forex market, and you may be wondering what’s a realistic forex trading income you can expect to have. Well….if you believe the sales pages of most forex products being sold right now, you’d think that you’ll be a millionaire by the end of the week.

Five Essential Pillars of Forex Risk Management

Although it is only natural for most traders to focus on the potential profits that they are hoping to see in their trading account, it is also important to pay attention to any potential losses or risks that might take a bite out of your profits. Risk management is probably the most important attribute of a fully formulated trading plan that can be profitable…

Buy Forex Gridbot – Is it Worth It?

Forex Gridbot is one of a kind forex auto trading robot that helps you make a ton of money, at least according to the manufacturer’s claims. Its strategy lies in not making too much too fast and realizing when is the right time to cash in and not get greedy and try to make more money. Unlike other forex auto trading robots, this one does not trade throughout the day and attempts to use its artificial intelligence to decide if the trades should continue or if you should finish it and move on to something else.

Things to Avoid When You Do Forex Training

When you do forex trading, you should learn what to avoid and what to go for to help you in your efforts. A forex training is usually the answer to your dilemma. Find out which to avoid.

Two Forex Secrets Exposed That Will Be a Cornerstone of Your Success in Forex Trading

All people dream of getting rich without much effort. But there are few people who actually know the secrets of what you must do to attain wealth in a relatively short time.

Forex EA Reviews – A Look at FAP Turbo

FAP Turbo is easily the most lauded and controversial system on the market today with some calling it a scam and others calling it a reliable source of automated income. This segment of forex ea reviews will focus on FAP Turbo to get to the real truth behind this system.

What is a Forex Cash Machine and How Can it Enable You to Realize Your Financial Independence?

A forex cash machine is a program which automatically enacts and ends trades on your behalf in the forex market with the purpose of keeping you on the winning sides of your trades without any input or time required on your end and essentially earn you an automated stream of cash, hence the name. If you’re looking to make some money from investing but don’t have the experience, here is how a forex cash machine works and can be used by you to do just that no matter who you are.

Automate Your Trading So You Can Enjoy More Free Time

It is a fact that most traders do have to sleep some time. I have not met a trader yet that can stay awake for a whole week, though I have met a few that have tried. When you have open positions it is tempting to watch the markets constantly, but is not sustainable. All of us humans have to sleep some time.

The Best CFD Broker

Who is the best CFD broker and how do you decide which broker to use. With over 50 CFD brokers to choose from and their numbers growing rapidly the choice can be daunting. But there are a few simple techniques for narrowing down the field.

How to Find a Forex Day Trading System Online

There are a number of forex day trading systems advertised on the Internet. The features of these systems vary in terms of price, programmability, speed and ease of use. While selecting a day trading system online you must

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