FOMC Meeting: Things Have Changed – What It Means!

Forex Education – Why is it a Must?

Without the proper knowledge about what is happening in the forex trading, it will be almost impossible for you to succeed in this large financial market. As the trading is constantly under changes and alterations, you must be aware of recognizing the patterns and judging the futures. Although in most of the cases, the currency trading can be unpredictable, it is essential that you undergo the right FX preparation to make the best out of this ever-promising field of currency trading.

Forex Funnel – The Latest Automated Forex Trading Robot – Does it Really Work?

Forex Funnel: Does it really work? Or, is it another dud? My experience to date.

Best Forex Indicators – The Chart Patterns I Use to Recognize Market Moves Before They Happen

Best forex indicators – if you have ever looked at any kind of trading chart, you know that they can be quite confusing. Just looking at the bars, the lines, the ups, the downs can make you think that it is just a bunch of nonsense that people made up just to make themselves feel important. But trust me, there is logic behind the madness, and chart patterns can help you make sense of it all.

Finding an Honest Forex Broker

The fastest and simplest way of finding a forex broker is through getting in touch with your local licensing authority. They are in charge for giving out companies their licenses so that they can be in the forex business. If a potential company does not have any license, never deal with them.

Automated Forex Software and Secrets For Trading Success

Many beginners don’t know that automated forex software is the biggest secret for success on the forex trading market today. Having the best automated forex software will do wonders. The Foreign Exchange or Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world today.

Easy Trading With Forex Trading Software

Every serious forex trader knows that having the best forex trading software is crucial for success. Trading in the largest financial market know as the Foreign Exchange is becoming very popular in the United States and all over the world because of possible high profits and the chance to work and earn from the comfort of one’s own home.

Forex Day Trading Strategy – The Key to Forex Power Scalping

The important of planning a forex day trading strategy is today crucial if you want to succeed with forex trading. Every day, more and more people join in buying and selling currencies which is known as the Foreign Exchange.

Forex Forecast Software Review

Do Forex forecast software really work? There are lots of such programs available for download online these days, but how do you know which ones are reliable and which ones are totally useless? Every smart trader today is using some form of computer program to help themselves make better and faster decisions that ultimately helps them achieve more profits…

How Do Big Banks Trade the Forex Market?

How do big banks trade the Forex market? Forex trading is all about exchanging one currency for another countries’ currency. It is the biggest trading financial market in the world and used to be only accessible by big banks and corporations who had the huge amounts of capital to speculate on currency fluctuations. Trillions of dollar exchange hands daily on this market…

Forex Trading System Software – Secrets to Your Success

The forex trading system software is basically a computer program designed by successful traders in the Foreign Exchange Market. It is used as a tool in a trader’s Foreign Exchange or Forex platform in order to assist him or her with everyday trades and observation.

Free Forex Software – The Key to Your Success With Forex Trading?

There is a saying that goes “the best things in life are free”, well is this true about a free forex software?. This may be true for some things but is certainly not true when it comes to software programs for the Foreign Exchange market. The Foreign Exchange market or Forex market is known to be the largest financial/investing market there is.

Price Action – Footprint of the Money

“What is price action?”, quipped my friend Anna the other day. “Someone told me about swing highs, swing lows, test of top/bottom and the likes”. “But I don’t understand. I’m completely clueless about this price action thingy,” she added. I told her: “Price action is simply the footprint of the money.”

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