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Do Not Abandon Your Automated Forex System

Automated forex system trading is now catching on a great way to trade the forex market. However, the common complaint among forex traders is that automated forex systems do not work. Every forex forum has a long list of automated forex systems that do not work.

Why I Failed in Automated Forex System Trading

The first time I started trading automated forex systems was a losing forex trading experience. I was so bad at it, that I was inclined to believe that automated forex trading was all hype and would never be profitable. Over time, I have changed my attitude and automated forex system trading is now part of my forex trading portfolio.

A New Forex Trading Robot Hits Town – Ivybot

When it comes to forex trading software, the new kid on the block, Ivybot, is dissimilar to nearly all the current trading systems out there today as it is not deemed to be a so-called scalping robot. What Ivybot does is very cleverly use two algorithms that measure the different strength of trends which occur in present time frames, then taking a position when fluctuations of the price occur. Time and volatility are a couple of other indicators that are used in the process as well.

Leverage Forex to Send Your ROI Skyward

Traders who leverage forex make the most amount of money with the least amount of capital. Currency speculators get the benefit of very high liquidity combined with very low margin requirements when they leverage forex transactions. Some accounts require a margin as little as 0.5% of the borrowed amount, a staggering 200:1 ratio. For those not familiar with this concept, this means that an investor with ten thousand dollars in his account could purchase two million dollars worth of foreign currency.

Foreign Currency Trading Methods – 7 Tips on Evaluating Forex Trading Methods

Daily thousands of men and women are signing up to one forex trading platform or another following their dreams of joining the wealthy foreign currency traders. Sadly the majority of these people will loose patience and quite possibly a great deal of money. There are many good methods of trading but novices are easily led astray by an attractive sales pitch.

The Pros and Cons of Fundamental and Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

Forex trading, the buying and selling of foreign currency pairs, is a world awash with new information 24 hours each trading day. How the market reacts to the information will determine which way the market will move. The analysis method you choose to employ may depend on your experience, expertise and the time you have available. This article examines the differences between the fundamental analysis method and technical analysis.

Foreign Currency Trading Explained

Forex, the short name for foreign currency trading, trades in ‘lots’. Lots are multiple shares held or traded together, usually in units of 100 and 1,000. There are different types of lots, typically termed as standard, mini and micro.

Foreign Currency Trading Explained – Part 2

Trading forex online is attracting more and more traders daily. In order to be successful, novice traders need have the basics of foreign currency trading explained. Part 2 looks at major currencies pairs and pips.

Foreign Currency Trading Explained – Part 1

Foreign currency trading, more commonly known as forex trading, is a market or medium where every day people can make large profits from their own computers. However it is not without risk and any would-be trader needs to get to to grips with a basic understanding of the trades and the jargon. Read Part 1 to have currency pairs explained and see how they are expressed.

Forex Mini Account Or Micro Account – Worth It Or Worthless?

A micro or mini account can also be useful if you want to learn a new system using real funds instead of a demo account. This can be a good idea because it eliminates the over-confidence you can get caught up in when trading with play money.

Rollover Days – Essential Information For Any Trader

Rollover is when we switch from trading the contract that expires in the current month, to a contract that expires in a future month. Rollover for futures trading can occur each month, and/or quarterly.

You’re Going to Make Millions! It’ll Only Take 50 Years Without Automated Forex Trading Systems

Here are loads of programs available that claim to make Forex trading trouble-free, generating a cash flow with modest work on your part, yet these have a tendency to be feebly made. Numerous traders still buy these programs regardless of the clear truth that they barely yield money for anyone.

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