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Introduction to FX

The foreign exchange market is the largest market on the planet. It has increased in volume to around $3 trillion traded per day. The Forex market is the most liquid market in the world trading 24 hours, six days a week. In this article we give a brief introduction forex trading.

The Principles of Trading

This article discusses the basics that any trader should be aware of before risking any of their money in the market. There is no secret to trading success. It is a matter of having adequate preparation, sound principles and discipline. We have broken down the most important aspects of trading preparation and execution.

Introduction to Technical Analysis

Technical analysis is timing tool based on chart movements. While fundamental announcements addresses the “what”, technical analysis addresses the “when and where”. Essentially charts are a graphical interpretation of human emotion and expectation. In this article we explore the basic principles of technical analysis.

The Best Automatic Trading System For Consistent Profits

An automatic trading system is a program that is designed to trade the forex market and enter trades for the trader. These systems are becoming increasingly popular as more and more traders enter the market. These new traders want a way to make get a piece of the pie of forex profits, but are unsure of how to go about doing it quickly, so they turn to an automatic trading system.

What Do You Prefer – Technical Or Fundamental Analysis in Forex?

Forex traders base their trading decisions on either technical indicators on their charts or on the trends in economy. Therefore there are two major way to analyze the currency movement: technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Automatic Forex Trading Software For Consistent Profits

Are you interested in getting an automatic forex trading software? An automatic forex trading software is a “forex robot” that makes trades for you in the forex market. So instead of having to sit at your computer all day making trades, you can just leave it on and let a software program trade for you.

4x Robots – Are They Worth It?

4x robots are suddenly a big part of the forex trading industry. With the rise of the technology, these robots are trading for us as we sit back and watch the profits roll in. Instead of traders waking up and checking out the latest forex news, they are now waking up to check on their trading accounts to see if the robot made any money

Automated Forex Signal Providers – What to Expect

Forex signal providers are traders with high experience who observe the currency pair movement closely and have the ability to read the price chart and can predict its future move. On the basis of this prediction, the trader can confidently generates winning signals and send it to his subscribers.

The Best Forex Trading System is FAP Turbo, That is If You Want to Make Big Money in the FX Markets

If in the future a new Forex software trading system comes along and knocks it off the medal stand, I will simply start using it. But until then there is nothing else that is even in the same league with it. Just so you are aware of this extremely important fact, this is the best selling product ever in the FX industry.

Huge Trading Profits Seen With Forex Boomerang – A Review

A serious look into the profusion of trading systems, one in particular stands out; hence, this positive Forex Boomerang review. Currency traders, whether a professional or a beginner, prefer to use this. However, most dealers would not know which program works best. Websites compete in convincing traders to purchase one in particular.

Forex Trading Truths Revealed in a FAP Turbo Review

Once and for all, an FAP Turbo review would prove if the software is just a rip-off or if traders have indeed found a gold mine. While a number of traders insist that it is an excellent forex trading program, the issue is whether or not it has the capability to increase the amount of your current account.

An FAP Turbo Review Gives a Glimpse of a More Intensive Forex Trading

With an FAP Turbo review, traders become acquainted with a good investment in the risky and stressful world of Forex trading. Among the many models of automated Forex traders released almost weekly, only a few of these really work. For some time now, this new program developed by an IT specialist named Steve Carletti is selling faster than any other Forex systems available online.

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