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Basic Candlestick Charts Could Indicate Reversal Patterns

There are many ‘funny’ names in candlestick charts. When I first learned about these charts, I just asked to myself “How could have somebody really thought about these words and where did he got those ideas?”

EUR Gains Could Hold Steady – Market Forecast 6 April 2009

This past week the EUR moved predominately higher against a basket of currencies as the European Central Bank (ECB) decided on an interest rate cut that was less than forecasted. A 25 basis point rate cut took the European benchmark rate to the 1.25% level, down from 1.50%.

Learn Currency Trading by Taking the Class That Has Been Around Forever and is a Huge Profit Maker

Some people might want a program that is painless to understand and uncomplicated to trade with. They might want something where the videos and E-Books are presented in a straightforward format because they were prepared by just an average person. And not an Ivy League Graduate that had been trained on Wall Street for the last fifteen years and wrote in a fashion where you had to look every other word up in the dictionary to find out what it means.

A Forex Trading System That is Making More Profits and Out Selling Every Other Product of Its Kind

It was created by a team of young software engineers who got together and decide they were going to build the best currency trading system ever and nothing was going to get in there way. So, after a few months of work, they found there goal was not going to be quite as easy as they originally thought and started to get discouraged.

Forex Trading Systems – There Are So Many, I Am Getting Confused on Which One to Acquire?

Another more logical technique, is to find out which ones have been on the market the longest and which are the best sellers. The reason for this, is that if one of these products produces big income for its users, the word spreads like wildfire in the Forex community and its sales go sky high.

A FAP Turbo System User Review

FAP Turbo has been turning heads in the forex trading market since it’s release in the past few months. Most sites devoted to the system are simply out to sell and don’t give or tell you much of anything useful in forming a real opinion about it. I sat down with this system some time ago and decided to document my take on the system, so here is my FAP Turbo system review.

How to Effectively Trade in Currency Forex – Learn Online Trading Like the Pros

According to a recent survey, more new traders than ever are beginning to trade currency forex. Learn online trading just like the pros and dominate your competition to come out with some real profits.

Semi Automatic Forex Engine Review

Have you heard of the automated trading robot called Semi Automatic Forex Engine software? Initially I had suspected that it might be another scam after seeing all the amazing claims that its owner makes about the software. It is supposed to be able to make money automatically using a set of parameters that has been programmed into it by its makers…

Is Semi Automatic Forex Engine a Scam? – Review

Are you keen to find out if the new software Semi Automatic Forex Engine is a scam and whether or not it really does work? This Forex product is newly released and has attracted a lot of interest and talks about whether it is truly as good as its website claims. Whether you are interested to buy it or not, you should always be very careful when you are thinking of buying investment products like this. These (investment products) are usually the industries where there are many scammers around selling fake products to naive customers looking to make fast and easy money…

How to Lose Your Shirt Quickly in the Forex Market (If You Don’t Know What a Forex Robot Is)

I almost lost my pants in the Forex market because I didn’t know a thing about Forex Robot. I bumped into one of my former students and he saved me from a financial disaster.

Forex Money Management – Save Money With a Smart Trading Plan

Money Management could be defined as the bulk of methods which a forex trader uses to handle RRR (Risk/Reward Ratio) and other methods which prevent you from losing all your money in the beginning. Using a stop loss can simply control how many you lose on each trade. The definition of Money Management is therefore quite simple – safety of your funds.

Forex Breakouts – A Simple Strategy to Catch the Big Moves, a Live Example

Last week I gave 2 Forex Breakouts trades which made big profits, we will update them here and look at a new breakout trade which could make a huge move. Before we look at the live trades, let’s look at what Forex breakout trading is all about. Forex breakout trading simply means buying or selling breaks of important support or resistance levels and going with the break.

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